Veronica {Renee} Wells

I ask myself sometimes, perhaps more than the average person, would little Veronica be proud of you?

Like, would the little girl I was, be impressed with the woman I've become? Would she want to be around me? Would she want to emulate me? Could we relate to one another?

I remember, at seven, trying to imagine myself as an adult. I thought I would be too flyy. (Yes with two ys.) I would be stylish, organized, successful, lively, in a word: fabulous. I can be those things today but usually not simultaneously.

What I am today, and what I am constantly working toward becoming, is an authentic, helpful, concerned, explorative, driven person and writer. If I happen to be flyy while doing so, Great(!), if not I'm sure little Veronica would still be proud of me anyway.
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